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About me… all in one page?  I would think this would obviously fill up many volumes of someone’s psychology books.  I am a techno-geek (what I do for a living), old fashioned (how I treat my women… no, I don’t mean I make you walk behind me 5 paces and call me ‘Sir’… but I mean I open doors and such… not because you’re weak, but because it is polite), crafty (I can fix just about anything around the house and am a serious woodworker), opinionated (but at least open-minded…) and abusive in general to ellipses(…) and parentheses (()).

I’m at a pretty good place in my life… I am married to the love of my life, and my sister in Christ (not my earthly sister, so don’t get any weird ideas in your head!)…  So, this has been a small adventure in the least.  I found that I enjoy writing about stuff that I have learned, and gleaned insights from my own writing about myself… hopefully… if you can get past the abuse of these ellipses… you can enjoy this as well.

I have always written, but it is usually about technical documentation regarding some programming language I’m working on at the time.  That, my friends, is DULL, and not something to be perused lightly.  It does, however, make excellent material for birdcages and a weapon for insomniacs to utilize.

Enjoy your stay here… comment often and have fun!!!!  Life is an adventure to be lived.  Unfortunately I started adventuring at 42.

  1. Hey, speaking of filling out dating profiles, you should fill out your “About” here! Would love to know more about you. Hah!

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