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Meeting Brenda

January 6, 2013

Hey there, intrepid followers!  Happy New Year!  Well, a lot has changed for me last year, the biggest thing being my wedding in December in Arizona (wow!).  I found my soulmate, my amazing other half, the person with whom I’m dedicating the rest of my life.  We had a fantastic courtship and wedding.  As part of one of the pictures (I play with GIMP now), I made it look like newsprint and left a few people wanting to read the ‘rest of the story’… so here is the rest of the story!


It was a bit of a warm day in May when I pulled into a Wendy’s parking lot.  Now, I was there because I generally take the kids to dinner before I take the kids back to their mother’s house.  We were at Wendy’s because it was my son’s turn to pick which restaurant to eat at (he almost always chose McDonald’s… but not this time… for whatever reason).  As we entered the restaurant, I did notice a blonde sitting down eating alone… and she was cute.  Alex and Megan and I sat down and began to enjoy our meal.  As a matter of principle, I don’t ‘pick up women’ with my kids in tow.  This time, however, I was talking a little louder than was needed (not so loud as to be obnoxious (like Loud Dave), but loud enough to be overheard by the next table over where this pretty blonde was sitting).  I was saying things like, ‘When I get you back to your mother’s house, then you can…’ and such. Giving the impression that their mother and I didn’t live together.

It worked!  She came over and talked to us for a few minutes, made some small talk, but I didn’t make my move then (but I could have… I was just chicken).  Then, the moment I dreaded came… she got up and began to leave the restaurant.  Oh no!  I have to make my move now or be done.  Now, I’m not one to just walk up to people I don’t know and ask them out… but I’d have to be if I wanted to ask this one out.  I followed her out… but at the last minute, lost my nerve and went to the men’s room.

Oh, how does this story end?  How did I meet the love of my life?  Did she follow me into the Men’s room? (Uh, no).   My son walked in and I was standing there mentally kicking myself for not taking advantage of the situation.  I told him to go sit with his sister and I’d be back inside shortly.  I screwed up the courage I had and walked outside.  She happened to be sitting there trying to figure something out on her phone (or was she?  Was she just waiting for me to come out because she knew in her heart that she just HAD to meet me?  Nah… I think she just didn’t know how to use her new phone…).  I walked up and asked if she was seeing anyone… no?  Oh, well, would you like to go to dinner with me sometime?  Sure, you say?  (Inside I’m doing a few backflips but I am playing it cool).  She explains that she just got this new phone and has no idea how to save my number.   The gallant geek to the rescue!  I took the offered phone and put my contact information into it… and the rest is now the beginning of our history.

Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Is it okay to re-post this to my blog? I love the optimism of it!

  2. Mike permalink

    That’s awesome!

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