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Where does the blog go from here?

June 12, 2012

I’ve been writing about various things that have to do with online dating… what not to put in your profile, how to write a decent profile, what NOT to do on a first date… etc.  Well, now I find myself without any online dating accounts (I’ve closed them) and in a relationship with a really amazing woman.  Am I to blog about this relationship?  Oh, nay nay…  I don’t believe that the internet is a good method for airing my personal relationship triumphs or woes.  I have steered clear of ranting for the most part (okay, I get a bit preachy sometimes about my ex… but I think that was just part of my online therapy).  Now that I’m not looking at online profiles at all (and have no desire to), where does this blog go from here?

I could write about my cat.  Oooops, I haven’t had a cat for a few years, so no… that won’t do.  Most of the dating blogs I see go into waaaaaaay too much excruciating detail about their sex life.  This may be a great way to cull readers, but even the most brazen will tell you that it kills their relationship eventually.  No sane man or woman wants to date someone who posts all about every detail of their life.

So where do I go from here?  Perhaps I need some inspiration.  I could be that ‘pretty normal guy’ that people want to bounce questions off of.  You know… OMG, my man did what?  Would a normal human being do <insert thing here they wouldn’t or shouldn’t do>.  Perhaps I’ll give that a shot.   Perhaps someday I’ll be syndicated?  LOL…  I’ll be up there with Dear Abby… no, I doubt that seriously, but perhaps a ‘Kandid Keith’ type thing?  Maybe…

I’ll give that a shot… if you have a question you would like to bounce off a guy (a question… not a brick)… send me an email at:

Until then, dear reader… have a most fantastic of days!


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  1. Too funny, why is it everybody who has a dating blog, now trying to find something else to write about including myself. Perhaps you should write about things such as pet peeves or anything that happens in your daily life.

    • I know… I just read your ‘This blog has to end’…. I thought the same thing! 🙂

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