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Don’t forget to look in front of you…

May 30, 2012

I know I’ve been blogging now for a few months about online dating.  Never really my experiences with online dating (I think that is a great way to sabotage a relationship), but about things I am feeling or things I have seen that are just… well… silly.  This blog has been a good catharsis for me, and I hope that you too have learned something from the minuscule bits of wisdom I may drop in here from time to time.

So, the other day, I was dropping my kids off at their mom’s house and we just happened to stop in a Wendy’s for dinner (kids.. you know they only like junk food).  While I was there, a pretty blonde happened to be sitting at the next table over.  I made a few witty comments and flirted a little bit (uncharacteristic for me around my kids… I don’t use them as ‘tools’ to pick up women). As she left the restaurant, I asked if I could give her my number and if she wanted to go on a date sometime?  She said, ‘Sure thing!’.  Well, tonight was our first date and it was incredible.  Here I have been putting myself online for the whole area to see, meeting various women and finding some really uncool ones (mostly) in the process and I meet some lady at a Wendy’s.  Well, we’re going out again Friday night!  How amazing is that?

Now, I’ve been dating (well, I’ve only gone on 2 dates with any of them) three other women in the area and when I get home tonight, I have an email from one of them explaining that she just doesn’t feel that ‘spark’.  Now, part of my ego is a little deflated about that, but then again I’ve just come off a fantastic date, so I’m not going to feel too sad about any of it.  I actually found her honest very refreshing and am very glad she did let me know where she was at.  That is the whole ‘dark-side-of-dating’… letting others know how you feel.  I’ve been out with women that I thought were amazing, they said they had a great time and never hear from them again.  Why is it so hard for people just to come out and say that they just aren’t that into you?  At any rate.. I’m rambling now… I suppose the whole point of this is to look around you and keep your options open.  Had I not taken the chance to get a lady’s phone number at a fast food restaurant, then I never would have had an amazing date and wouldn’t be on cloud 9 right now… and this isn’t a girl I was looking for online… it was just a chance meeting.

What’s the moral of this story?  I suppose there are 2 morals… first, keep your eyes open, you never know where you might meet someone interesting and second… BE HONEST WITH PEOPLE.  If you really aren’t that into them, tell them for heaven’s sake, and be as specific as possible (but not rude… please… us guys have feelings too, we just don’t show them as often).


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  1. mimioso permalink

    I think the whole ‘be honest’ thing works both ways. I’ve done the whole internet dating thing in the past & there were quite a few guys that simply vanished into thin air, no explanation provided.

    • Indeed… I just haven’t dated any guys, so I cannot explain what they might do. 🙂

  2. great advice :o)

  3. That is awesome! Congrats on having the balls to ask for her number.

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